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Dr Narjes PhD, Meditation Teacher trained by Vikas Malkani, teaches clients to GROW their Mind & GROW their LIFE

The G.R.O.W. Program

A simple 4-step process to GROW your MIND and 

by Dr. Narjes, PhD (Sydney, Australia) 

I’ve just come back from a trip to Singapore, where I traveled specially to attend a weekend of wisdom teachings with Vikas Malkani (known as the Steve Jobs of Wisdom) at SoulCentre and it was phenomenal. 

The wisdom strategies and techniques that Vikas shared during this program was absolutely amazing, empowering and life changing. It was wonderful to witness and experience many breakthroughs and aha moments and I feel so blessed for that.

When I first went to SoulCentre to learn from Vikas Malkani, I was very stressed out, unhappy and unfulfilled. I started from learning the basic level of meditation and wisdom, a wonderful program called Meditation Made Simple. Signing up for this program was the best decision of my life. I was amazed by the profound wisdom and the scientific, yet simple techniques that work so effectively. 

In this course Vikas Malkani taught me a model called The Human Trinity Model (AKA The Human Blueprint).

(The Human Trinity Model (AKA The Human Blueprint) published with permission from Vikas Malkani)

The model explains how we create our own stress and unhappiness or peace of mind and happiness. This model changed my life, because I realized the power that I had to change my emotions and energy levels. 
Being able to take control on my emotions and energy, I could change my results, my outcomes and my performance in every area of my life. I started to become happy, peaceful and productive. My life has never been the same since that day.

I benefited from Vikas’ teachings so greatly that I continued my training with him and eventually became a certified meditation teacher with SoulCentre, Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre, to teach the same courses that changed my own life.

Today I’m teaching programs in meditation and mindfulness, created by Vikas Malkani, and my G.R.O.W. Program in Sydney, Australia and around the world. 
I am also an internationally published author. My articles have been published in Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Japan and India. And I’m writing my first book.

In my G.R.O.W. program I coach people to grow their mind and grow their life. In this program I combine my profound understanding of the laws of nature and my 19 years of experience in research on cutting-edge science with the ancient wisdom and scientific approach of meditation to create a unique 4-step process that will help people grow their mind and grow their life.

This G.R.O.W. program takes people through a 4-step process.
Step 1. Get clarity
Step 2. Respond
Step 3. Optimize
Step 4. Wisdom

And when they go through these 4 steps with me, they will enhance their performance in all areas of life - they will have more happiness and peace, more clarity and greater success. These steps are simple, effective and scientific.

Implementing the wisdom in my own life has brought me massive results and I’m passionate about sharing with others the wisdom and strategies that changed my life to support them to grow their own life so that they can enjoy the results they desire.

As Vikas Malkani says, "Life is meant to be a celebration." With these simple steps you will GROW your life to make your life a celebration.

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